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Colchester is a large historical town located in Essex and simultaneously the oldest Roman town in the UK. Given its heavy Roman influence, you can only expect to find the best architectural designs preserved through the years. There are lots of attractions to be enjoyed, and here is how you can make the most of this place.

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Things to Do in Colchester

There is so much you can do in this beautiful historical city, that there is not enough time to get to all attractions. But since you have a Colchester coach hire with you, a lot of these attractions will be covered faster since you will arrive as a group. Without further ado, here are some of the best things to see and do while in Colchester.

The Art

Colchester is a city that greatly values its artistic heritage as seen in the building designs to the creativity in their events. The FirstSite is an exhibition centre opened in the heart of the city, and dedicated to showcasing the best artistic pieces in town. The exhibition will bring together regional, national as well as international artists to come show their talent.

The Jumbo Water Tower

The name Jumbo is quite suggestive but the tower has nothing to do with elephants. The name was actually coined by a clergyman out of insult because the tower dwarfed the nearby church in height and size. Outside it graces a Victorian design which is perfect for some close up shots. Inside is where the fun is, exploring the many steps leading up to the Cupola. The Cupola is an open area that gives a spectacular panoramic view of Colchester and beyond. If you are the avid landscaper, this would be a great place to bring your camera.

A Serene Environment

The soothing breath of fresh air emanating from the lush scenery is one way to describe the landscapes of Colchester. It’s a perfect place to put on your hiking boots and go out in a group exploring the sceneries. Take the time to visit Castle Park with your group of friends or family. There is plenty of ground for kids to play and have fun including boat rides at the lake. There are riverside walks for a lovely evening stroll, cricket grounds for some game ball, and you can bring your pet to play in the lower park area.

You can have the same experience at High Woods Country Park, located on the far end of Colchester. Not only does it provide playing grounds and activities for kids, it’s also an amazing educational reserve for the lovers of nature. There are plenty of marked trails to hike through as you enjoy the green peaceful atmosphere away from the busy town.

HollyTrees Museum

The building was once an 18th century mansion before getting transformed into a museum. It derives its name HollyTrees after Charles Gray planted two trees, which were considered holly, in the compound. This mansion has a history of several repossessions as it was handed down through generations. It’s a nice place to spend with family; the kids can play on the green compound as you go in to learn about this history of possession, alongside viewing some of the artefacts that were left behind.

Events in Colchester

  • The Little Match Girl Show, Jerwood Dance House (22nd Jan-23rd Jan 2016)
  • Rebecca Ferguson: Lady Sings the Blues (27th Jan 2016)
  • Popgun Live, the Tavern (12th March 2016)
  • Sarah Millican (Outsider), the Regent (18th March-19th March 2016)
  • Bellares Night, Pinewood Community Hall (13th Sept 2015)
  • Ronald Harwood Quartet, Headgate Theatre (17th Sept -19th Sept 2015)
  • Andy Fairweather and the Low Riders, Arts Centre (18th Sept- 19th Sept 2015)

Why Choose Us

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